Full programme


08:30‐08:50   Registration & coffee 

08:50‐08:55  Welcome, Dr. Noémie Wouters, CEO, Bluebridge, Ostend, Belgium 

08:55‐09:10   Introduction, Prof. Dr. Em. Johan Vande Lanotte, UGent, Ghent, Belgium 

09:10‐09:25   ISA introduction,  Mr.  Michael  W. Lodge,  Secretary  General,  International  Seabed  Authority,  Kingston, Jamaica 

Theme 1 | Climate Change, Population Growth and Metal Demand

09:25‐09:40 Scene setting by Prof. Dr. Jean‐Pascal van Ypersele, UCL, Louvain‐la‐Neuve, Belgium

09:40‐09:50 Mrs. Amrita Dasgupta, Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA), France

09:50‐10:00 Prof. Dr. Ir. Bernard Mazijn, Department of Conflict and Development Studies, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

10:00‐10:45 Debate

10:45‐11:15 Coffee break

 Theme 2| Europe and The Search for Metal Supply Metal Demand

11:15‐11:30 Scene setting by Prof. Dr. Jonathan Holslag, VUB, Brussels, Belgium

11:30‐11:40 Mr. Peter Handley, EU DG GROW, Brussels, Belgium

11:40‐11:50 Prof. Dr. Gavin M. Mudd, Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

11:50‐12:35 Debate

12:35‐14:00 Lunch break

Theme 3 | Recent evolutions: Innovation, circular economy and deep‐sea mining

14:00‐14:15 Scene setting by Prof. Dr. Eric Pirard, ULiège, Liège, Belgium

14:15‐14:25 Dr. Kurt Vandeputte, SVP Government Affairs Umicore, Antwerp, Belgium

14:25‐14:35 Mr. Dirk Nelen, R&D researcher sustainable material, VITO – Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Mol, Belgium

14:35‐14:45 Dr. Carsten Rühleman, Chief Scientist of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Member of the ISA Legal & Technical

14:45‐15:30 Debate

15:30‐ 16:00 Coffee break

Theme 4 | Comparing Impact through Life Cycle Assessments

16:00‐16:15 Scene setting by Prof. Dr. Jo Dewulf, UGent, Ghent, Belgium

16:15‐16:25 Prof. Dr. Ester Van der Voet, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University, the Netherlands

16:25‐16:35 Prof. Dr. Saleem Ali, Minerals, Materials and Society Program, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, US

16:35‐17:20 Debate

17:20‐17:40 Coffee break & fine‐tuning rapporteurs/moderators


17:40‐18:00 Conclusions by Prof. Dr. Johan Vande Lanotte

18:00‐19:00 Closing reception

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